WHO IS WHO is a Dancehall competitive song on the Nas ft P.Diddy Hate me now beat. This song comes at a time when the local scene is rather more competitive than ever, so the African Dancehall Hero breaks the silence and defines who is who.The audio is produced by Bomba Music.


TELL ME is a deep love song with a Persian sweet sound-blend based on a personal experience where partners seem to never really speak what is on their mind and prefer to either hide or imply what they think.


BACK IT UP is a major Dancehall hit song released in 2011."Back it up" has topped a Top20 countdowns, and received major props and positive reviews dubbing the artiste as the “African Dancehall Hero”.


FEEL NICE is a Dancehall-Afrobeat song done by East Africa's leading Dancehall Artiste TYLER Himself and Nigeria’s Swedish-based artiste Slim Prince. The audio is produced by Bomba Music @ Fenda studio. This song is bound to be a banger and is part of the highly anticipated #PATOiSmixtapeTheAlbum


GOOD WOMAN is an Xtreme Ent-Urban Aksent production, a Dancehall love song depiction of a perfect African woman. The song features TYLER Himself and Sirus Ziki. The audio is produced by Yung Jey (Basale Sale) and mastered by Bomba Music.


VIXEN is an Xtreme Entertainment production, a Dancehall love song about a video vixen with whom the artiste is in love. The song features TYLER Himself and Bruno K. The audio is produced by Bomba Music and video by Director ZYGA.


TUULA WANSI is a Dancehall-Afrobeat fusion song produced by talented Badi studio producer Bomba Music. The song is basically about a type of dance called "Tuula Wansi/Siddung". Club song, trendy and definitely a massive banger!!!


NO DELAY is a new school EDM sound of dancehall. Being an international collaboration, it brings together two resounding African talents in Tyler Himself from Uganda and Kingpheezle from Kenya, The song has got great beats, awesome production plus melody in Swahili, Patois, English and Luganda. This one is a big tune!!


BALI BADEM is a fusion of Dancehall and Afro beat. Bali Badem means ''those gals''. Tyler Himself on the track is basically dropping pick-up lines to a couple of gals. It is a big song bound to shake the airwaves.

HANDLE (sikusobola)

HANDLE (sikusobola) is a pure dancehall song by East Africa's top Dancehall artist TYLER Himself. It relates to a situation where the Artist refers to ladies living the ''fast life'' and claims they are too much for him to handle thereby mentioning a few socialites and artists as examples.


TIGHT SKIRT REMIX is basically a counteraction song inspired by Samantha J's "tight skirt". Growing up, Red Rat was a major dancehall influence and i've always felt like redoing a song of his. On hearing Samantha's perfectly executed version, a freestyle was done on a similar beat we remade and added a few different instruments to give it an Afro-Dancehall feel, and summed it up with Macka Diamond's "dye dye",a song i'm really feeling right now. The video is out now,courtesy of my label,Xtreme Ent.


CARO is an Afro Dancehall or Ragga tune inspired by a real life experience. The concept of the song is basically to bring back the good old days of Ragga , blend it with Dancehall and make it African at the same time.

SAAWA (means "the time")

SAAWA (means "the time") is a pure dancehall song off Patois Mixtape which in it's unique way narrates how girls tend to keep guys waiting without telling them straight up.. More like keeping their options open...


SOME MO is a Dancehall-Afrobeat song done by East Africa's leading Dancehall Artiste right now TYLER Himself the African Dancehall Hero. It is a sweet catchy short but articulately executed song. Xtreme Entertainment to the world.


NJAGALA is a Dancehall song produced by Kron production, a project under Xtreme entertainment. Njagala means ''I want'' where in the song the phrase ''i wanna see you'' is used. #PATOiSmixtapeTheAlbum


FIRE is a Dancehall-Afrobeat song produced under the Xtreme Entertainment Label/Brand in East Africa. The video is a high budget video that was shot at the coast line, with scenes involving speed boats and huge palm trees. The song has TYLER Himself the African Dancehall Hero featuring Amand McAmy who does the sweet vocals on the track.